Cloud Backup – Cloud Storage

cloud backupCloud computing has changed the way we backup, store and share files. There are two main ways of using the cloud.

Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup, also known as online backup is a way of saving a copy of your files to the web in case files are lost or corrupted. In the event of a disaster, files can be downloaded and restored to their original locations.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a way of saving your files to the web. Files are stored in a safe and secure location. Once saved to the web, your files can be accessed and shared from any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone and files are synchronized between devices.

Which Solution?

There are many cloud solutions on the market these days and we have tested many of them. Each solution has features that are different to the next and some have restrictions. We have found that IDrive has the fullest set of features at an affordable price. IDrive allows both backup and storage mode and allows backing up of local network files. IDrive also makes it easy to share files with friends, family or business colleagues.

Not sure how to get started?

If you would like to start using cloud backup or cloud storage but need a little help, our technicians can guide you through the process of signing up for IDrive and configuring your devices.

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