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Geeks Remote Support can connect securely to your computer, diagnose your problems and then fix them while you sit back and watch. You are in control of the session at all times and can disconnect at any time.
We provide a 7 day “no quibble” money back guarantee, so if we are unable to fix your problem, you will receive an immediate full refund. What’s more, if your problem re-occurs within 7 days, we will fix it again, free of charge. Customer service is paramount to us, so if it can be fixed, we will fix it.

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Very helpful guy, dealt effectively with all our issues and gave some v helpful advice

John Kingman

All well explained and clear to understand

Carlos Fonseca

As always Jon fixed all the problems that I had with speed accuracy and I continue to learn form him…although doubt I will ever be able to replace him!

Colin Monk

I was so impressed by the prompt reply to my request for help and the kind and understanding way Jon dealt so thoroughly with my computer problem.

Kathleen Cox

Great service as aways, thanks so much!

Leonie Burke

Excellent and friendly service. Also resolved the problem quickly and effectively.

Tina Watson

Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff.

Romilly Cocking

Great, fast service. Reasonably priced with knowledgeable and pleasant staff.

Gloria Nicholl

The Engineer who was assigned to help me sort out my computer was very helpful professional and courteous. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who has any issues/glitches that they do not understand or that need to be resolved..A God Send Indeed !Many Thanks.

Philip Mcpherson

Perfect customer service. Great job done perfectly with a high level of efficiency.

George Pele

Very good and efficient firm. Answered my telephone problem very helpfully.

Alma Finn-Levy

Competent, friendly, able to communicate with a non geek, and able to meet my requirements exactly. A very good experience.

Wendy Sykes

A really lovely team. So helpful. I would absolutely recommend them.

Aim High – Debbie

John was great fast and efficient He was happy to explain what he was doing and provided information for other services such as a more efficient antivirus Would highly recommend

Karen Heath

Quick response, helpful, professional service.

Josephine Williams

As prompt, efficient and good as ever – and very understanding of those within the community who are not as tech-savvy as we are sometimes given the impression we ought to be!

Rev S. J. Terry

Prompt reply to my phone call. Next day service. Punctual polite very helpful technician (John) who uses few precise words that a non-Geek can understand. He sorted my ‘malware’ problem, gave advice on battery and DVD drive and generally cleaned up the mess. Now my laptop feels like new. I will always choose Geeks because of their professionalism, courteous manner, wonderful customer service manners …. and infinite knowledge. I will always recommend Geeks to friends and family sounds too much like an advert? ah well, never mind. It’s 100% true

Helen Veitch

Really helpful, and saved me a lot of hassle re a factory reset. You guys should get Microsoft to contract out their tech support to you!

Christopher Goss

Geeks on Wheels are brilliant. Look no further. Their new Remote Support system is fast and simple and just gets you back up and running as soon as possible. I am happy to recommend this service to anyone

Malcolm Latchman

Had a service check with the Geeks, fabulous service as usual , nice guys.

David Bellman

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