31 Mar

Businesses benefit from remote IT support

The way businesses benefit from remote IT support is on the increase as the digital revolution has forced SMEs and large corporations to build an effective IT infrastructure, as many core business functions are now supported by tech such as the cloud and ultrafast broadband. The endless march of new technology and the growing expectations of customers means IT has to be optimised on a daily basis, which can be challenging without expert assistance.

Remote IT support can provide enterprises with the tech support they need to complement their in-house skill set. Our Geeks Remote Support service specialises in “remote computer repair” for business and domestic users.

Services include:

– 24/7 server monitoring
– Preventative and proactive maintenance
– Remote Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 mail migrations
– Remote virus removal
– Mac and PC General Health checks
– Software support

On a full time or ad hoc basis, we ensure businesses benefit from remote IT support and that your IT systems are always working for you so you can focus on other important business activities.

Remote IT Support is an effective solution for businesses. Any issues can be resolved in a more efficient manner as technicians are able to address the situation immediately. There is no call-out fee or waiting time, as a high quality IT service can be accessed with a quick call or chat online. Support costs will also be lower for this reason, as there is no travel time and problems are resolved quickly.

More importantly, remote IT support is a scalable service that can meet business requirements without geographical restrictions. Wherever you are in the UK, we can use our advanced tools to access your PC or server to perform essential maintenance. With these wide-ranging benefits in mind, Geeks on Wheels has launched Geeks Remote Support, to help enterprises with all aspects of their IT functions. If you need a short-term fix or a long-term IT strategy, we have a bespoke support solution just for you.

If you think your business could benefit from remote IT support, call us now on 0203 6376 370.

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