06 Jun

HomePod to compete with Amazon and Google

Apple have revealed that they are releasing a smart speaker named HomePod to compete with Amazon’s Alexa and all of the other smart speakers that are flooding the market.

Its features will be similar to the other smart speakers on the market. It’s trigger phrase is “Hey Siri” which can retreive news, weather, set timers and control smart home devices.

The HomePod will not be available until December and at a price tag of $349.00 makes it the most expensive smart speaker on the market, which is hardly surprising.

Phil Schiller talking about the HomePodApple say that they have focused on the music function of the device with an in-house designed woofer and seven “beam-forming” tweeters for superior sound quality. They claim it also has spacial awareness and will adjust the sound based on its location in the room.

BBC’s Dave Lee checked out the HomePod at Apples annual developers conference.

Apple have been slow to improve Siri’s voice recognition technology lagging behind Google and Amazon, but state that they will be using machine learning to bring it up to scratch.






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