02 May

What is a NAS drive and why do I need one?

Ever wondered what a NAS drive is and/or if one would be any use to you? Essentially, a NAS drive is one or more hard drives (just like the drives that are in desktop PC’s) which are connected to a network. They can also protect your data and do other tricks as well.
Check out these 3 articles which will put you in the picture


Do You Need Network Attached Storage (NAS)? – Tech for Anyone

Apr 5, 2016 … The most obvious reason to get an NAS device over an external hard drive is how many things can access it. … Should You Use an NAS?

7 Reasons to Use a NAS for Data Storage & Backups

Jul 27, 2016 … If you’re wondering what, how often, and where you should back up your files, we have straight forward answers. Read More. Using a NAS you …

What is a NAS and why do I need one? | Seagate

Aug 12, 2010 … NAS or Network Attached Storage is a system consisting of 1 or more hard drives, an Ethernet connection and an operating system.


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