22 Nov

Office 365 Benefits – Why Should I Migrate?

Office 365 benefits, here are 10 reasons why you should migrate

All your favourite applications with added benefits

Office 365 provides all of the programs you already know including Outlook, Word, Excel, OneNote & PowerPoint. They all work in the same way as the previous versions but have extra features that make collaboration easy. For example, you can tell if colleagues are editing a document, and checking documents in and out ensures that changes you make to shared files will not be overwritten by colleagues.

Access your email and files anywhere

One of the many  Office 365 benefits is that you can access your email, contacts, calendar and files from any internet-enabled device including Apple and Windows PC’s, smartphones and tablets. This frees you up to work anywhere, anytime. You can install Office 365 apps on your mobile devices for “on the move” access or even from any device with a web browser.

Collaborate and Communicate securely

Office 365 comes with online storage which can be used to create a user portal to store and share files with colleagues or customers outside of your organisation. You can also message users, hold virtual meetings to review documents and even remote control other users PC’s

Easy to get started

Office 365 gives you all the software you already know but also has many advanced features previously only available to larger corporations. This means that regardless of your organisations size, you can easily implement enterprise class features without having to learn new software or understand techie jargon.

Business-class email, collaboration and virtual meetings

Office 365 benefits from being a scalable solution, so as your organisation grows, new users can be added easily. Each user has a 50GB mailbox, so you can keep all of your emails and not worry about running out of storage. Users can also send attachments of up to 25MB. With contacts, calendar, virtual meetings, messaging, file sharing and more. With Office 365, you get access to world class business systems for a small price.

Security is paramount

Microsoft’s data centres keep all of your data safe and secure. Your email and files are scanned for spam and malicious software continuously so you have peace of mind. Microsoft’s data centres comply with multiple industry standard certifications.

Advanced IT skills are not required

Office 365 allows you to implement complex business class solutions without the need for a full-time IT staff. All interfaces have been designed to be simple and intuitive so you can manage your own IT systems, reducing costs and allowing you to focus on your business goals and not your IT systems. Adding users and other administrative tasks is child’s play using the online portal.

Guaranteed 99.9% uptime

Office 365 builds on years of development of enterprise class rock solid systems and protects your data by using geo-redundant, enterprise class data centres, providing reliability and disaster recovery. In simple terms your data is held on multiple servers, so if one breaks, another takes over seamlessly. Microsoft also has a strict privacy policy, so no matter how sensitive your data is, you can be sure it is safe and secure.

Flexibility and Scalability

With several subscription options you can choose the plan that suits you right now, but safe in the knowledge that you can upgrade or downgrade to a different plan as you need to. This also means that you can easily control your IT budget.

Create a professional impression

Office 365 migration allows you to communicate and collaborate with your customers in a professional manner. You can also integrate your own domain name and easily create a customer-facing website with your branding.

No other office package offers so many features for such a small investment Office 365 migration is easy and risk-free.

If you would like to move to Office 365, but are still unsure how to manage the migration, Geeks on Wheels and Geeks Remote Support provide comprehensive advice and support, and can move your email and files to Office 365 quickly, safely and cost effectively.

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