Ransomware is a Growing Threat to Business

A company is hit with ransomware every 40 seconds.
6 out of 10 malware payloads were ransomware in the 1st quarter of 2017.
15% or more or more of businesses in the top 10 industry sectors have been attacked.
Nearly half of ransomware attacks infect at least 20 employees.
The average ransom demand has risen to $1077.00

source: blog.barkly.com

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Protect Your Files From Being Encrypted With Bitdefender Internet Security & iDrive

There are only 2 ways to protect yourself from a possible ransomware attack. A good anti-virus system and a cloud backup system.

Bitdefender are a multi award-winning antivirus company whose antivirus features anti-ransomware technology which can block ransomware attacks. It also features an advanced threat defence module to detect suspicious activity, combined with secure browsing, firewall, anti-phishing, anti-fraud, multi-layer ransomware protection and more.

iDrive backs up all your important files to the cloud, so that if your files become encrypted, you can restore the original. What’s more, iDrive stores 10 previous versions of your files. iDrive storage covers all of your desktop and mobile devices and creates a secure copy of your data in the cloud.

gCloud backs up your Office 365 or G-Suite data, 3 times per day, including emails, contacts, calendars and one drive / google drive files.

Call us now to discuss ransomware protection on 0203 637 6370.

Book a session and one of our technicians can securely connect to your PC and install Bitdefender and/or iDrive to protect your files.
ransomware in business
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£ 39.99


Buy Bitdefender Internet Security and install yourself



£ 15.00

We help you buy Bitdefender Internet Security

Uninstall existing anti-virus

Install Bitdefender Internet Security



$ 52.12


Buy iDrive and install yourself



£ 15.00

We help you buy iDrive

Install and configure iDrive


Find out how gCloud can protect your office 365 or G-Suite mission critical files.

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