18 May

Ransomware – Security Bulletin

Ransomware has been in the news as over 100 countries were hit including the UK.  Many NHS trusts were hit causing cancelled appointments, but what does this mean for end users like yourself?


Ransomware is a type of virus which encrypts (locks) your files with a key which means they can cannot be accessed without the encryption key. To obtain the key, a fee needs to be paid to the attacker, however there are varying reports as to whether the key will actually be supplied at the point of payment. This being said, the best option is to avoid being hit, or in the worst case scenario, if you are hit that you have a backup to restore your files. Here’s a list of ways you can protect yourself from the various types of ransomware.


  1. Make sure your Windows operating system has all updates installed and ensure updates are set to automatically install.
  2. Ensure you have an anti-virus system that has a firewall and anti-ransomware protection.
  3. Backup up your data online. Backing up your files to an external USB drive or network drive will not protect you as the virus can also encrypt the files on the external drive.


If you are not following these procedures, then you may be vulnerable. Geeks Remote Support recommend the following products to keep you safe online:


Bitdefender Internet Security

This antivirus product provides the most thorough malware protection on the market. It has advanced anti-ransomware protection to stop your files being encrypted. It also has a firewall, password manager, secure file shredder and will not slow down your PC.


Malwarebytes 3

With 4 layers of protection, Malwarebytes is also a great solution to keep you safe online. It will protect you from malware, ransomware, exploits and malicious websites.



Backing up online is the only way to ensure that if you get hit that you can get your files back. iDrive backs up all of your files safely to the cloud where the virus cannot get to them. It also keeps 10 historical versions of each file, so even if a file gets locked or corrupted, you can restore a previous version.

Check out our recommended security and backup solutions

If you’re unsure if your PC is safe or would like to install any of these products, but don’t know how to get started, Geeks Remote Support can help.

You can book an appointment online at http://geeksremotesupport.com and an expert technician can remotely connect to your computer, ensure your PC is safe and install and configure any required products.


If you would like to talk to a technician, call us now on 0203 637 6370


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